Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Storehouse of old Blogger (classic) templates

Blogger will be making a mandatory switch from the old Blogger (Blogger Classic) to the new Blogger (previously known as Blogger beta, now out of the beta phase), and we expect that soon, all the classic template may become unavailable. Some may still want to use the classic template, so here is a storehouse of all the standard classic Blogger templates:

Minama by Douglas Bowman
Dots by Douglas Bowman
Dots Dark by Douglas Bowman
Harbour by Douglas Bowman
Minima Dark by Douglas Bowman
Minima Blue by Douglas Bowman
Minima Ochre by Douglas Bowman
No. 897 by Douglas Bowman
No. 565 by Douglas Bowman
Rounders by Douglas Bowman
Rounders 2 by Douglas Bowman
Rounders 3 by Douglas Bowman
Rounders 4 by Douglas Bowman
Scribe by Tod Dominey
Snapshot by Dave Shea
Snapshot Sable by Dave Shea
Snapshot Tequila by Dave Shea
Ms Moto by Jeffery Zeldman
Mr Moto by Jeffery Zeldman
Son of Moto by Jeffery Zeldman
Thisaway by Dan Rubin
Thisaway blue by Dan Rubin
Thisaway Green by Dan Rubin
Tic Tac by Dan Cederholm
Tic Tac Blueberry by Dan Cederholm
Tekka by Evhead, Glish
Jellyfish by Jason Sutter
Simple II by Jason Sutter
Herbert by Jason Sutter
Sand Dollar by Jason Sutter


Blogger Raquel said...

thank you SOOOO much for this, i hate the new templates and have been looking all over the net and finally found your blog. YOURE A LIFESAVER.

2:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you ..! It's like a dream. Again, I have a good old Blogger template ..! Thank you very much ..!

12:27 PM  

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